Saturday, 19 December 2009

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Back In Line

Well, having said that walking pass by a chochlate machine is the only chrome blue wrap "Time Out" instead of red Kit Kat(Have a Break) is no stranger in our life but smile afforded to tell it's finaly over. Lay back while reading Times in Heritage Hotel, ready for the day the last crusade is impossible. I got back home downloading images and looking up those few weekends ahead, i love what i'm doing.

Now, new gadgets scattered on the green marbles upstairs refering to the previous bottom line that i am..i am back :)

Friday, 24 July 2009


It's been ages since i haven't produce a good piece for updating and I believe it'll come back again. Em, just remembered a song sang by the outrageous british band "Turn, turn and turn"..guess i need more time to emphasize the thoughts of the left over "wonders" i had in my mind noted before this very moment.

I was reading an article from a Newsweek magazine, a phrase that had chained my emotion towards to crave for more success. It says that "Life has taught me to behave like an eagle. It rises above the storm, avoids problems, has very good eyesight, never misses a catch and is dangerous. Apply all of these when you do things; you will outsmart even yourself." by Mmashiko Mokne --- South Africa.

The fact is i have tattooed and treasured the said phrase in me and will use it to solve my problems according to the eagles behavior.

Will comeback soon with new look, new vision and wonders. Take good care and may God Bless Us All.